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“Fawk My Ex” Body Care

“Fawk My Ex” Body Care

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🍒Smoked Cherry Seduction: luscious black cherry, vanilla, crystal amber, & smooth marshmallow musk🥵

Whipped Sugar Body Scrub: Very exfoliating + fresh & clean feeling 

Ingredients | Whipped soap base, glycerin, cane sugar, avocado oil, mica, & fragrance oil

Whipped Body Butter: 100% Pure & Natural Virgin Shea Butter 


  • Boosts Skin Moisture
  • Smoothes Skin Problems
  • Helps Protect Skin

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Apricot Oil, Mica, & Fragrance Oil  

Luxe Body Crème: Benefits: 

  • Key ingredients: shea butter & vitamin e oil (helps protect & nourishes the skin)
  • A lightweight body moisturizer 
  • No greasy or heavy feeling 
  • Absorbs into skin leaving skin feeling so smooth & smelling delicious! 

Ingredients: shea butter, apricot oil, glycerin, vitamin E oil, water, BTMS 50, cety alcohol, preservative (germall plus), mica, & fragrance oil

Body Oil: Hydrating & moistures your skin all day, leaving your skin smelling AMAZING!

Ingredients: Avocado Oil & Fragrance Oil

Roll On Body Perfume: Areas To Apply Roll On : the neck, wrists, cleavage, inside of your elbows, & your ankles

Ingredients | Avocado Oil & Fragrance Oil 

Hair & Body Fragrance Mist: Shake well before use! Scent lasts minimum 2 hours without lotion, very moisturizing, + beautiful fine mist application.

Ingredients | Aqua, witch hazel, benzoyl alcohol, vegetable glycerin, & fragrance oil


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